Our first goal – once we’d solved the issue of developing the technology – was to bring emotional depth to the flipbook medium. The early flipbook cards Wendy created were made by cutting up antique dresses and transferring imagery onto the fabric. If we were going to appropriate people’s photos from a certain era, it only seemed right to incorporate material from that age too. once we saw how people responded to our first piece, the craft really began to take a hold of us.


Elk crow Mechanical Flip book gallery installation horse triptych gif


We don’t have our own children together, so we’ve begun calling “art” our child. It’s a pretty demanding kid we have, too, at the moment; always hungry, doesn’t let us sleep much and it is never satisfied. We don’t, however, know how long each stage of development will be. We might have just passed the “terrible twos” (tantrums and defiant behavior). right now, we’re enjoying a moment when our art is becoming more self-aware and beginning to develop a unique personality of its own.